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Our main activities are designing of machines and equipment, and fulfilment of tasks in gas-technology – in both gas supply and energy utilization - prepairing of technical documentations, and carrying out complexe projects.
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TÓTH Nándor,
Technical Director
The GÉP & GÁZ KFT was established by private persons in 1992.
Our main activities are designing of machines and equipments, fulfilment of tasks in gas-technology, and prepairing of the relevant documentation, carrying out complexe projects.
After successful installation of several production lines we have a lot of experience in coil slitting, sheets cutting to size and in serial cutting of metal sheets. In these fields we have adequate equipment for each individual production-procedure with required automation. Various metal shears, levelling machines, stackers etc.
Our special field is designing of longitudinal welded steel pipe manufacturing lines as well as planning of strip preparation equipment (strip feeding, strip accumulation)

Managing Director
In addition, we have supplied special machines for large companies (BPW, DUNAFERR, GENERAL ELECTRIC, HAJDUSAGI IPARMÜVEK, LINDE, RABA) for various special tasks, from planning to commissioning.
Our activity in gas technology includes all fields of the gas-industry. We have a wide range of engineering experiences in the installation of both distribution networks and energy utilization equipment, we participated in the development of various devices for gas-technology as well.